Testosterone Cream for Men

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is vital in the development of secondary reproductive characteristics. Though testosterone levels naturally decline as men grows older, it is important that the levels remain within normal levels. When the testosterone drops, significant changes in the body are manifested. These include decrease in sperm count, reduced sexual desires, erection problems, softening of the testes, sleep apnea, among others.

To compensate for the decrease in testosterone in the body, healthcare specialists recommend testosterone supplements after confirming low testosterone level in the blood. Testosterone cream such as AndroPlus, is one of the supplements that is easy to apply. Just like testosterone injections, the cream should be applied on densely muscled regions of the body such as thighs, shoulders, and chest. These areas have more testosterone absorbing capillaries, maximizing the delivery of testosterone in the capillaries (http://www.testosteronerhöhen.de/testosteron-booster-kaufen/).
AndroPlus is available in 50ml tubes. It only requires less than a minute to apply the cream. Compared to testosterone injections, cream do not cause peaks in testosterone supply. The testosterone level in the body is sustained in the body with regular application as prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist. Testosterone creams are odorless and do not tingle on the skin when applied as compared to other cream-based medications.
The developers of AndroPlus claim that it is risk-free, offering money-back guarantee to customers. However, all products, especially for medication are actually risk-free. It is possible that side effects of other testosterone supplements could also be observed in patients using testosterone cream. These side effects include allergic reaction, oily skin, acne, erection problems, breast enlargement, decrease in sperm count, and headache. Hence, it is important that patients with suspected low testosterone must first consult with a doctor and undergo test to properly address the health concern.

Natural Alternatives to Testosterone Supplements

Many people are looking for natural alternatives to their medical needs. Natural home remedies become more in demand because most people fear of the unknown effects of synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

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Several plants have shown positive impact on improving testosterone levels of men. These plants have different mechanisms that lead to this desired result. Here are some of the natural alternatives to testosterone supplements that can be taken to boost the hormone production in the body:
Ginseng is an herb with fleshy roots. It is a popular ingredient of many food supplements because it is rich in antioxidants, which are important in fighting free radicals in the body. There are different types of ginseng but the most famous one is the red Korean ginseng which is commonly found in Asian countries. Studies have shown that ginseng can boost testosterone levels, as well as other important hormones such as the follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Taking ginseng have also shown to help get rid of erectile dysfunction, which is a symptom of low testosterone.
Fenugreek is a common Indian spice and also popular for its significant health benefits. Published studies showed that taking fenugreek helps reduce body fat and increase testosterone levels. Fenugreek also induces libido.
Ginger is a popular spice in many countries. It has a unique tang provides flavour to dishes and juices. Aside from its flavor, ginger has been used to improve testosterone level and semen quality particularly in men who have shown signs of infertility.
Avocado contains monosaturated fats which are considered to naturally boost testosterone levels. It is also rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid. Vitamin B6 has been shown to increase production of testosterone, while folic acid can help increase energy levels.

There is no better way to improve testosterone levels than using naturally available food products. These are proven safe and also contain healthy compounds that will not just increase testosterone levels but also improve one’s health.